Designer books or sometimes called Art books, are those creations which  are in truth - " works of Art" where  every idea has been thought through and is related to the contents of the book. It's often hard to define these works, but they all show a slightly eccentric and creative approach,  even so they are not meant to be looked at from afar, but are all capable of being used, read or simply enjoyed with the hands and eyes.
I work with many different materials, such a wood or glass, fabric, and paint, alongside leather and paper. Each title  suggests what happens next...
It is by far the most demanding and time consuming approach to binding, often taking months of preparatory research and tests, but always worthwhile.
Sometimes these are done simply for myself, but often with a client in mind and with lots of ideas  a new book can be created, hopefully that pleases the commissioner.

Over the years I have created hundred of these books and the slide show is a mere tasting of what is possible.